Eva & Franco Mattes

Perhaps you know them as 0100101110101101.org

Or maybe as Drako Maver: the artist glorified by cults


According to the pair’s website:

Eva and Franco Mattes are the Brooklyn-based

artist-provocateurs behind the infamous website


Pioneers of the Net Art movement, they are renowned

for masterful subversions of public media,

such as their notorious

(and unauthorized) Nike advertising campaign.


Interview with Art21 



Hey there. Meet Darko.


Eva & Franco’s made-up artist


What seemed to be a Serbian artist that appeared out of thin air was actually an imaginary artist named Darko Maver

“His” work was not the kind that would be appropriate for young viewers. Most of his subjects were murder victims and crime scenes. Maver actually accumulated a substantial number of followers which became cult-like.

Eva and Franco took Maver on a wild ride: from getting “arrested” to being “murdered”. But they were not the only ones that kept Maver alive in the art world. Mystery activists made a movement to place stickers saying, “Darko Maver 1962-1999″ on many sculptures, pedestals, and anywhere else they would be seen.







One of their early spoof websites.

Vatican didn’t snatch the domain name quick enough…




Karlsplatz  Nikeplatz, Vienna


«This square will soon be called Nikeplatz.

Come inside to find out more» 



«Nike is introducing its legendary brand into squares, streets, parks and boulevards: Nikesquare, Nikestreet, Piazzanike, Plazanike or Nikestrasse will appear in major world capitals over the coming years!»

As one may expect, Nike was not too pleased with this “prank”. The corporation actually found it very offensive and to be an infringement on copyright.

Sorry, Nike. Eva & Franco didn’t think there was any harm in creating a “hyper-real theatrical performance” — and they were quite disappointed when stiff lawyers confronted them instead of sportsmen in track suits.




Oh. My. Goodness.

Did you see this movie?!



If you said “yes” you’re lying.

This time the Mattes pair took European movie-goers on a whirl.

“A brilliant mix of espionage and sci-fi political stereotypes

in which Europe,

not the USA,

saves the world from impending doom”.

Sounds good, right? A box office hit?

This is another spoof that fooled cities all around the world.



«We are working simultaneously on this double track, the fictional and the real»

explains Franco Mattes

«in this sense, spectators in the gallery who are aware of the multiple layers are passive voyeurs, while the unaware spectator, or passerby, is actually part of the artwork».


An Ordinary Building


A sign on an ordinary building stating what everyone already knows: it is an ordinary building.

And yet some find the sign controversial and the city council became involved…

The sign may take a hit on the building owner’s self-esteem, but golly Viterbo.. it is all fun and games.

Being an ancient city that is almost sucked into Rome,

some shenanigans and spice may do you some good.



Hundreds of unaware passersby have been staring at the sign:

«It’s brilliant!»

comments an elderly woman

«But I have no idea how to interpret it».

While an outraged citizen living nearby comments

   «This is just unacceptable, look around, there are buildings much worse than this one, especially in the suburbs».


«History is not given»

adds Eva Mattes

«it has to be constructed, it’s pure fiction, like in a novel».




I personally think Eva & Franco Mattes are absolutely wonderful and their work is cleverly amusing.








Mattes, Eva, and Franco Mattes. http://www.0100101110101101.org. Web. 17 Feb 2011.



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